Friday, December 5, 2008

Twinkle Twinkle

Twinkle Twinkle
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We have a new Twinkler in our house, this is a huge big deal in Suzuki land.

Louis learned 'Twinkle' all on his own a few weeks ago, and then he had to teach me. He is now working on the sound of his music, he is trying hard to make the most beautiful sound on his violin as he can. Considering he is your average rough and tumble 6 year old who started violin just a few months, I think he is doing a pretty great job. This video was taken after a long day of school, park day, and group lesson so he is a bit tired but we wanted to put it up anyway.

Since he is doing so well on all 6 Twinkle variations, he got to learn
'Jingle Bells' - just in time for the holiday season, so fun. It is a funny thing this Suzuki stuff, Louis has already picked up how to play 'Lightly Row', again, on his own.

Suzuki is the anchor of our homeschooling, and even though we haven't been doing it for too long I can't imagine not doing it now. It has taught me so much about how Louis' brain works, and it really is fun to play and learn together. Miranda is so jealous of Louis doing all of this without her. We can't get her to keep her hands off his violin, thankfully she starts lessons in January, she is crazy excited. I don't think I would be very off base saying that even Bill is jealous.


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