Friday, May 15, 2009

A home of my own

I've started a new blog. Something to promote the designing I've been working on. I'll still in out and out around here though. If anyone wants to take over adminstrative duties, let me know, otherwise I'll let things ride. Please come visit!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Show and Tell

It's been much too quiet around here! I thought that while I was out of work I would be posting more often, but somehow that just hasn't worked out yet. The upside of being temporarily unemployed is, of course, the extra time to spend with my kids and knit. I knit at the computer while I job hunt. I knit while I read stories and Matthew turns the pages. I knit while the kids play at the park. I knit while being forced to watch SuperWhy (again). I knit after the kids go to bed at night. In short, I have been knitting like it's my job.

I just finished a pair of socks.

My Cabled Thank You Socks on US size 2 needles, made with Miss Babs Yummy sock yarn. I picked up this yarn last summer at the Midwest Fiber and Folk Art Fair. I love the color and tight twist of the yarn.

I've also been making progress on Kingscot by Norah Gaughan. My sister bought me the yarn to make it for Christmas. It's Mission Falls 136 Merino Superwash. It is so soft and fabulous to knit. I'm enjoying the pattern, but I found that I need to add about 3.5 inches to the length. If I kept it as written, it would fall just below the waist. A very unflattering look if you're bottom heavy, I think.

I also pulled the Candle Flame scarf out of hibernation and have been adding a repeat here and there. I love the colorway for the project. It looks like all the colors in fire to me.

I've been slogging away on a zip up cardi of my own design as well. It's knit top down, with matching cable panels on the back and both fronts, and different matched cable panels down the sleeves. A sleeve and a half and the knitting is done. Then I'll find out if my limited sewing skills are up to the task of installing a zipper. It's knit with Northampton from Webs. Great workhouse wool, soft but sturdy.

Last I finished a new design. A girl's tank. It's knit seamlessly from the bottom up, with a slightly gathered empire waist and applied i-cord edging. I'm working on the grading now and I hope to offer in possibly sizes 2-10. It's knit in Dale of Norway Svale, a lovely, if splitty, yarn. Any other dk weight, warm weather yarn should work as well. If any of my bungapeeps are interested in test knitting in exchange for a final copy of the pattern, please let me know.

So, what are you working on?

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My first (and only!) socks.

Finally, here are some pictures of the socks I completed last Sept. I received the bamboo/wool blend year from Shannon the year before in the swap. She sent me beautiful pink Panda bamboo/wool blend sock yarn, and a pattern from Knit Picks. Knit Picks Aran braided socks . I used a size 1 bamboo needle dpn set. It only took me almost a year to finish!

I learned a lot about cables, turning heels, and not being able to knit these while watching or doing anything else. ;) lol They are oh so comfy and not too hot for Florida in the winter. I wore them to school (work) already on crazy sock day to show them off. They are beautiful, I think. :D Definitely not boring.

I still don't know if I will ever knit socks again! Maybe baby socks. ;)

My Biggest Challenges thus far...

I finished the baby alpaca lace scarf I was working on over the holidays. It is supposed to be for my sister. She gave me one ball of this really soft lovely grey-brown yarn. Then she said "I want you to make me something with this- I couldn't resist it." Even though she does not knit and isn't even interested! Hmph. I am not sure if she will get this or not. I may just have to keep it. :) I did try it out a couple of days, and enjoyed wearing it, but I think she might get more use out of it.
This was a Knitty pattern, recommended by Dani from the Spring '05 issue . I started it before Thanksgiving and finished blocking it Jan 24th. It really didn't look like much until it was blocked, as Dani warned. I loved watching it take shape. I blocked it twice, as I wasn't aggressive enough the first time and the pattern didn't really show up. I learned a lot doing this one!
and...Finally I have some pictures of the cabled socks from the swap over a year ago! It was an ambitious first sock project. I made it through, though. More about that in a separate post..

Thursday, February 19, 2009

It's Done!

I think I've mentioned before that I bore easily. This can be a complication on "easy" projects for me. However, I have powered through, and after 2 years, I have finally finished Maggie's log cabin blanket.

I love it. The colors are bright. It's soft and washable. It makes my baby happy.

But, dude, that was a LOT of garter stitch.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Twinkle Twinkle

Twinkle Twinkle
Originally uploaded by pezdiva
We have a new Twinkler in our house, this is a huge big deal in Suzuki land.

Louis learned 'Twinkle' all on his own a few weeks ago, and then he had to teach me. He is now working on the sound of his music, he is trying hard to make the most beautiful sound on his violin as he can. Considering he is your average rough and tumble 6 year old who started violin just a few months, I think he is doing a pretty great job. This video was taken after a long day of school, park day, and group lesson so he is a bit tired but we wanted to put it up anyway.

Since he is doing so well on all 6 Twinkle variations, he got to learn
'Jingle Bells' - just in time for the holiday season, so fun. It is a funny thing this Suzuki stuff, Louis has already picked up how to play 'Lightly Row', again, on his own.

Suzuki is the anchor of our homeschooling, and even though we haven't been doing it for too long I can't imagine not doing it now. It has taught me so much about how Louis' brain works, and it really is fun to play and learn together. Miranda is so jealous of Louis doing all of this without her. We can't get her to keep her hands off his violin, thankfully she starts lessons in January, she is crazy excited. I don't think I would be very off base saying that even Bill is jealous.


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