Monday, March 3, 2008

Sock Frenzy

I have never considered myself a sock knitter. Sure, I've made a pair here and there, usually with at least a couple months between the first and second socks. But recently I was struck with the idea to make some small socks for the kids and use these little socks to learn a few new techniques.
First I did my basic Ann Norling kid pattern, cuff-down, heel flap, kitchnered toe socks for Maggie. I used Happy Feet by Plymouth, 1 Skein with a bit leftover, Size 1 feet.

Then, I tried the Universal Toe-Up Sock Formula from Knitty. There was no way I was making a gauge swatch for a sock, so I took the gauge off the ball band for the math. Here I learned about W&T short-row heels and toes and a sewn stretchy bind off. I could not get the figure eight cast on, and after an hour or so, I went ahead with the easy crochet cast on. I did not enjoy the W&T short rows. Well, to be honest, I found them to be pain in the ass. I followed a few tutorials, and I think I did okay, I used Wildefoote by Brown Sheep, Size 11 Toddler Feet.

Then I ran across YO short row heels. I was sure this had to be easier and less fiddly the W&T method. So, I tried it out for my little niece. Cuff-down, YO short-row heel, kitchnered toe. Regia Stretch, Color 81 (i.e. clown barf) - about half a skein, Size 9 Toddler Feet.

Out of the 3, this was the sock recipe I liked the best. So, I did it again. (I couldn't leave my other little niece out, now could I?) The only change this time was I used Knit Picks Sock Memories in Flower Power. I loved this yarn! Really soft and nice to work with and I love the bright colorway. I used about 3/4 of a skein for Size 11 Toddler Feet.

I would have guessed after a month of knitting nothing but socks, I would be done and ready for something new. But yet I am happily working on my Austin Socks (RPM from Knitty) that have been languishing since October. I think somewhere around the 3rd pair, I became a SOCK KNITTER!

So, what have you all been up to lately? Other than the meme, it's been very, very quiet.