Monday, March 3, 2008

Sock Frenzy

I have never considered myself a sock knitter. Sure, I've made a pair here and there, usually with at least a couple months between the first and second socks. But recently I was struck with the idea to make some small socks for the kids and use these little socks to learn a few new techniques.
First I did my basic Ann Norling kid pattern, cuff-down, heel flap, kitchnered toe socks for Maggie. I used Happy Feet by Plymouth, 1 Skein with a bit leftover, Size 1 feet.

Then, I tried the Universal Toe-Up Sock Formula from Knitty. There was no way I was making a gauge swatch for a sock, so I took the gauge off the ball band for the math. Here I learned about W&T short-row heels and toes and a sewn stretchy bind off. I could not get the figure eight cast on, and after an hour or so, I went ahead with the easy crochet cast on. I did not enjoy the W&T short rows. Well, to be honest, I found them to be pain in the ass. I followed a few tutorials, and I think I did okay, I used Wildefoote by Brown Sheep, Size 11 Toddler Feet.

Then I ran across YO short row heels. I was sure this had to be easier and less fiddly the W&T method. So, I tried it out for my little niece. Cuff-down, YO short-row heel, kitchnered toe. Regia Stretch, Color 81 (i.e. clown barf) - about half a skein, Size 9 Toddler Feet.

Out of the 3, this was the sock recipe I liked the best. So, I did it again. (I couldn't leave my other little niece out, now could I?) The only change this time was I used Knit Picks Sock Memories in Flower Power. I loved this yarn! Really soft and nice to work with and I love the bright colorway. I used about 3/4 of a skein for Size 11 Toddler Feet.

I would have guessed after a month of knitting nothing but socks, I would be done and ready for something new. But yet I am happily working on my Austin Socks (RPM from Knitty) that have been languishing since October. I think somewhere around the 3rd pair, I became a SOCK KNITTER!

So, what have you all been up to lately? Other than the meme, it's been very, very quiet.


~Melissa~ said...

That's a lot of socks Dani! I did my first w&t heel with the STR socks and I can't say I was a big fan of it either. I was worried it wouldn't even fit my heel - but surprisingly it did. I did like that I didn't get holes in the heel, like I sometimes do with a heel flap.

I've been working on my Serendipity socks and my Secret of the Stole ii - both are coming right along.

LeaAnna said...

I finished the HP sweater for Noah, but have been waiting to post until I can upload the pics. I have also started knitting socks, well, one sock. I'm working on the heal gusset. I'm also looking for the perfect legwarmer pattern to knit up for the girls' dance teacher's birthday gift.

Somewhere I read a tutorial for a replacement to the figure 8 cast-on. I'll look for it and get back to you!

LeaAnna said...

Found it! Judy's Magic Cast-On

Dani said...


Steff said...

Those are wonderful! I am jealous of your speed! I finally finished the first of my swap socks. It only took two months. lol I am taking a break.