Monday, July 30, 2007


First Pair of Socks
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I finished my first pair of socks - and I'm in love. They are so comfy! I think I have enough yarn leftover to make a pair for Delphine too. I used Trekking XXL Yarn and followed Silver's Sock Class tutorial.

Where one ends, the other begins.

I finished reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows last night. This morning, the yarn arrived for Noah's Weasley Sweater. Even though I am in the midst of another knitted project, I just had to cast on for the sweater. The yarn is quite lovely. Feels so squishy & soft running through my fingers. I think I shall love knitting this sweater for a boy I love dearly.

The yarn is Queensland Collection Kathmandu Aran (aka Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed) in Enamel, which is a wonderful deep blue color of old enamel cookware. It's 85% wool, 10% silk, and 5% cashmere. I saved about 40% ordering it from Discount Yarn Sale, however it took 3 weeks to arrive. While I was a bit impatient about this at first, in the end, the timing was quite perfect.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Midwest Fiber and Folk Art Fair

A new yarn show/fest/fair was held this past weekend about 45 minutes from my home. The girls and I went and Maggie enjoyed her first Girl's Day with us. There were 3 large tents set up with booths of yarn, fiber, spinning wheels and supplies, and gift type items. They had live music and beer garden. Best of all was the weather, upper 70's and clear. You don't get many July days like that in the Chicagoland area.

My first purchase of the day (see above) was a 1 pound bag of wool for felting from Little Barn. $4.95 - no joke, really. The girls and I bought 4 bags and then took them home and re-assorted the colors because the colors combos were...well, they just needed to be redone. I got the lot of blues and it is destined to become a felted bag. I'm thinking a french market bag in blue stripes would look great with jeans for the fall.

My best purchase of the day was this:

Brooks Farm's new yarn, Solana. It's so new it's not available on the website yet. When it is, trust me, you want some. 320 yds per skein of super soft and squishy, superwash, hand-dyed wool. I've been big fan of Brooks Farm since I first saw them at Stitches Midwest 4 years ago. This is destined to become a sweater for Matt. I'm thinking either Foothills from The Garter Belt or maybe a hoodie.

I'm almost done with the Monica tank. I won't let myself even wind the new stuff until I am. I'm hoping to be done tomorrow. Just think, Stitches is in 3 more weeks. I better knit fast.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Big Brother Little Sister socks

Big Brother Little Sister socks
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The Momo loves short little ankle socks, so short little ankle socks she got.

And yeah, I totally love knitting socks. We just happened to pass a yarn store while we were out doing fun family stuff on Saturday so I just had to stop in and pick up a skein of sock yarn with a free pattern. The yarn is Plymouth Sockatta and I'm not totally impressed, it is a cotton/wool blend. I am sort of hoarding the sock yarn Melissa and Elisa have sent me bc it is so nice, not that I am afraid to mess up but I just, well I guess I am afraid I might mess up. My socks are knit on size 1 (pattern called for size 2 but I am a loosey goosey knitter), so they are taking much longer than the kid socks, but so far I like them.

Crazy Beach Socks

Friday, July 20, 2007

Boy in Socks!

Boy in Socks!
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I can't believe the crazy strange satisfaction I feel over completing this pair. But, man socks are a pain to photograph. Here is the King doing his best at being a frog.

Up next, well I thought about trying out a toe up sock but I would like to knit up Miss Momo a matching pair so I may just go ahead and knit these for her in the smaller size. The only mod I will do with her socks is make the entire leg a 2x2 or 1x1 rib. Then when those are done I will tackle the figure 8 cast on toe up magic loop with the skein of yarn Melissa gave me. Ahhh, now that sounds nice.

Missing a pair

Thursday, July 19, 2007

A pair will be made.

Being the total joiner freak knitter I am, I started a pair of socks for King Louie last night from the Knitting Pure and Simple pattern Shannon sent me (thank you Shannon!). They are on size 4s with DK yarn from my stash, I am at the turn heel on the second sock. I have knit socks in the past, but they were more like bed slipper style. I knit a 'real' sock for the Momo in the past but didn't love the pattern enough to knit a pair. But this time, no single sock syndrome for me, no way.

The pair I am knitting now is top down, but after I finish this pair I am going to try the figure 8 cast on and knit these for the Momo.

I think I finally understand why people are so addicted to socks, I was looking at sock yarn this morning and not only is it relatively cheap (compared to sweater knitting) but the colors are awesome.

Now if only I had my Ravelry invite life would be near perfect.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

First Sock

First Sock
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I've started making my first sock with some Trekking yarn that I won a few months ago. I thought I'd have a hard time, but I'm actually really enjoying it. I might even have some leftover yarn to make Delphine a matching pair.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Baby needed.

Baby needed.
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Well, I don't need a baby but my friend needs her baby not just for wearing these wee little knits but her own sanity.

I guess you could say, I am smitten with tiny knits. However, all this wee baby knitting has helped me come to the very real and hard to come to decision that our family is complete. My baby lust is wearing away as I see my friend's body change and her family dynamic change with it. I am done, I am very much ready to be Auntie to the new babies that grace my life.

Knitting is funny, in the most basic sense, knitting is just turning string into fabric but there can be more if you need it to be. I think only a real knitter can understand how healing those simple stitches can be. Knitting has brought me peace in times of turmoil, and I have cried many tears while holding double pointed needles, the simple spiral comforting me in ways that no human could. When I talk about therapy knits, I think of my French Market Bag, a huge felted bag that made shape in the Children's hospital.

French Market Bag
But now I will also think of this little layette, I daydreamed while knitting this and cried a bit too over the fact that I will never knit tiny items like this for my own babies. And I guess, this was the very mourning process I needed, to mourn the last baby I will never have but also delight in the fact that I will never have to wash poop out of a hand knit soaker ever again.

Insert Baby Here.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Some instant gratification

After I finish a big or very involved project, I like to whip off a few quick and easy projects. I need the break to refuel and daydream about the next big project. Also next week I'm going to the Midwest Fiber and Folk Art Festival. I don't want to start anything that will require much commitment because I know I will want to cast on immediately with whatever new yarn I score. So, I've been keeping busy with little things.

Twinkletoes from Knitty. I used Luna by Filatura de Crosa (sp?). It was super fast. I did one slipper in less than an evening. I found the pattern a little awkward. Maybe it was just because I've never used the wrap and turn method for short rows. Maggie loves them and Matthew wants pair too. Next up:

A racer back tank. I made this up as I went along. I used some Blue Sky Cotton from the stash. I knit in the round from the bottom to the underarms and then worked the front and back separately. I'm pretty happy with how this turned out. Now, like everyone else here, I'm working on Monica, modified to be worked in the round. We should have done a Knit Along.

Speaking of Ravelry...

It makes me feel not quite so insane.

I photographed and catologued my hand painted/hand dyed yarns (mostly sock) last week and built them into the stash feature. I've been putting off doing the rest of the stash because it takes so long to upload all the photos to flickr, but when I look through other people's stashes over there, mine seems puny by comparison. Then I tell myself that everyone else probably has loads more yarn they haven't added as well. Then I pat myself on the back for my frugality and self restraint. It works for me.

I'm finally posting a picture of B's Monica Tank. I worked it in the round, changed all the garter to seed stitch, and shortened the ruffle by about half for a lighter look. Unfortunately, she doesn't really care for it. She prefers (and has requested another of) the Kidlet Tank which I just cast on for in Needful's Ceramic yarn. This yarn is shiny. Shiny like lame looking. I don't really care for it, my kid, on the other hand, thinks it's fabulously glamouriffic. Heh.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Are you on the waiting list?

Have you seen Ravelry yet? It's still in beta testing, but check out the screen shots. It looks to be quite addicting, and I'm patiently waiting for my invite to arrive. If you haven't put your name on the list - you might want too!

Friday, July 6, 2007