Monday, July 23, 2007

Big Brother Little Sister socks

Big Brother Little Sister socks
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The Momo loves short little ankle socks, so short little ankle socks she got.

And yeah, I totally love knitting socks. We just happened to pass a yarn store while we were out doing fun family stuff on Saturday so I just had to stop in and pick up a skein of sock yarn with a free pattern. The yarn is Plymouth Sockatta and I'm not totally impressed, it is a cotton/wool blend. I am sort of hoarding the sock yarn Melissa and Elisa have sent me bc it is so nice, not that I am afraid to mess up but I just, well I guess I am afraid I might mess up. My socks are knit on size 1 (pattern called for size 2 but I am a loosey goosey knitter), so they are taking much longer than the kid socks, but so far I like them.

Crazy Beach Socks


LeaAnna said...

OMG! How cute are they?!

~Melissa~ said...

They are too cute Deva! I love the 2nd picture - such characters!