Thursday, July 19, 2007

A pair will be made.

Being the total joiner freak knitter I am, I started a pair of socks for King Louie last night from the Knitting Pure and Simple pattern Shannon sent me (thank you Shannon!). They are on size 4s with DK yarn from my stash, I am at the turn heel on the second sock. I have knit socks in the past, but they were more like bed slipper style. I knit a 'real' sock for the Momo in the past but didn't love the pattern enough to knit a pair. But this time, no single sock syndrome for me, no way.

The pair I am knitting now is top down, but after I finish this pair I am going to try the figure 8 cast on and knit these for the Momo.

I think I finally understand why people are so addicted to socks, I was looking at sock yarn this morning and not only is it relatively cheap (compared to sweater knitting) but the colors are awesome.

Now if only I had my Ravelry invite life would be near perfect.


Dani said...

Very nice. Did you dye the yarn yourself? I want to try 2 at once toe-up socks. I'm thinknig that would avoid second sock symdrome altogether. I can't wait for everyone to get to Ravelry. It rocks. Hard.

Gina said...

That's funny, Dani, I was wondering if you could do two socks at the same time if you did magic loop. I haven't thought enough about it to figure it out.

Pez, those socks are really, really cute. King L's feet will look so handsome in them. Really, is there any part of King L's body that isn't handsome? LOL

La Pez said...

Nope, I didn't dye this. This was sale yarn at Jimmy Beans Wool, it is some form of Cascade - I can't seem to find the ball band. It looks like the pair is going to take a full ball. I am going to knit up a pair of socks for M with the matching skein.

~Melissa~ said...

It looks great! I have that pattern too. You knit so fast - I'm just now finishing up my first sock. I think I knit at a snails pace.

You are doing a wonderful job - I hope the King will love his socks!

La Pez said...

You know, I have always knit fast. Even when I was first starting out advanced knitters would mention my speediness. I don't really know how, or why I knit so fast. Maybe it is my freakishly long fingers and my giant hands. Seriously, my fingers are longer than Bill's, I'm not sure where I get it bc I am only 5'5 LOL.