Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Midwest Fiber and Folk Art Fair

A new yarn show/fest/fair was held this past weekend about 45 minutes from my home. The girls and I went and Maggie enjoyed her first Girl's Day with us. There were 3 large tents set up with booths of yarn, fiber, spinning wheels and supplies, and gift type items. They had live music and beer garden. Best of all was the weather, upper 70's and clear. You don't get many July days like that in the Chicagoland area.

My first purchase of the day (see above) was a 1 pound bag of wool for felting from Little Barn. $4.95 - no joke, really. The girls and I bought 4 bags and then took them home and re-assorted the colors because the colors combos were...well, they just needed to be redone. I got the lot of blues and it is destined to become a felted bag. I'm thinking a french market bag in blue stripes would look great with jeans for the fall.

My best purchase of the day was this:

Brooks Farm's new yarn, Solana. It's so new it's not available on the website yet. When it is, trust me, you want some. 320 yds per skein of super soft and squishy, superwash, hand-dyed wool. I've been big fan of Brooks Farm since I first saw them at Stitches Midwest 4 years ago. This is destined to become a sweater for Matt. I'm thinking either Foothills from The Garter Belt or maybe a hoodie.

I'm almost done with the Monica tank. I won't let myself even wind the new stuff until I am. I'm hoping to be done tomorrow. Just think, Stitches is in 3 more weeks. I better knit fast.


La Pez said...

I was just checking out your photos on flickr, looks like you guys had a lot of fun.

Knit the Foothill, I really liked that knit, I knit it in pink for M but I am thinking of knitting it for L this fall.

I can't believe the deal on that wool, wow! I wish I could have been there.

Gina said...

I am loving the Brooks Farms yarn, too, Dani (love that colorway, too). They were at Sheep and Wool in MD and they were PACKED. I find them very reasonable, and they have so many colors that it's near impossible not to find what you want.

I'm glad you had a good time. What classes are you taking at Stitches? I signed up for a steeking class, but am now regretting it because it starts at 8:30 am. IN BALTIMORE. Which is an hour from my house. IDIOT!

Ditto the Foothill!

Dani said...

Maybe next year we can have a bungaknitters get together at one of the shows. Maryland Sheep and Wool anyone?

Dani said...

No classes, just shopping.

Gina said...

Sheep and Wool or Bust! If anyone is interested, I will get a room at the Marriott down the street from us. We get a huge "neighbor" discount, and y'all can stay in style in the neighborhood. Pezzy is only three hours away, and this might be the perfect time to actually follow through on her THREE YEARS OLD threat to come and visit DC. Dani, it's a short flight from Illinois--maybe an hour and totally worth it.

Anyone else? Sheep and Wool is always the first full weekend in May. Mark your calenders, peeps!

La Pez said...

I'm there next year, who is going to be my roomie, Dani? Gina, will you drive us up from DC?

No really, I mean it this time I am going. I am saving up now. How much do I need to budget on a room?

Dani said...

I'm in. Let's just figure out how much it'll cost.

LeaAnna said...

Me too, me too! That would be so much fun! (And it could be a bit dangerous, too! LOL)

Gina said...

I will let you know about the room as the date gets closer (Marriott doesn't schedule the "neighbor rate" this far in advance), but in the past I have gotten rooms for 119.00$ It's a nice Marriott, with a great pool, in a great neighborhood [mine :) ]. Also, there are other options if the Marriott doesn't pan out (sometimes there is a convention) that are nearby. Consider it a done deal--if you stay two nights, with two people in a room, budget about 75$ a night for the rate and hotel taxes. Of course I will drive everyone up! Why else do I have my big ass van? LOL I can fit eight people! Room for all!

Dani said...


~Melissa~ said...

I'd love to try and go too!

Dani, it sounds like tons of fun. Your new yarn is beautiful!!