Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thank You Cabled Socks

My friend and co-worker has been wonderful to me. She's helped me out with some work stuff that truly would have been miserable without her help. So, as a knitter, I decided what better way to say thank you than handknit socks?

We always joke that my friend is pretty plain jane about clothes and colors, so I went to the stash and found some charcoal grey Regia Silk. Perfect. I couldn't bear the boredom of 2 completely plain grey socks though, so I threw a cable twist into a 2x2 rib.

A few friends have expressed interest in the pattern, so I'll share. It's really more of a recipe though.

Cabled Thank You Socks

2 balls Regia Silk
US size 2 Needles

Cast on 64 stitches (or whatever multiple of 4 makes you happy)

Rounds 1-3 - Work in 2x2 rib
Round 4: C1B, P2 around. (Cable without a cable needle by knitting the second stitch first)
Repeat these 4 rounds until desired leg length.

Work the short row heel of your choice over half the stitches. (I used a YO short row heel. A tutorial can be found here.)

Continue working in rounds, in pattern, until foot is 2 inches less than desired length. Work your favorite toe. I used a round toe as follows:

(Knit 6, K2tog) around
Knit 5 rounds
(K5, K2tog) around
Knit 4 rounds
(K4, K2tog) around
Knit 3 rounds
(K3, K2tog) around
Knit 2 rounds
(K2, K2tog) around
Knit 1 round
(k1, K2tog) around
K2tog - around (8 stitches remain)
Break yarn, draw through remaining stitches with a yarn needle and pull to close.


Bonnie Thompson Zink said...

These are beautiful. Great job and thanks for posting the pattern.

~Melissa~ said...

Those are beautiful Dani! I love them!!

Kelly said...

Great job, Dani! They are beautiful!

LeaAnna said...

I love them!

Dolls Clothes Gal said...

I think they look great - well done.