Saturday, September 1, 2007


Tonight's blog entry was going to be "Block Party," and it was going to be followed by pictures of all the stuff I was blocking tonight. I've been saving a few projects and wanted to do them all at once. So, after I finished the pea pod hat that I had to re-knit because the first one was way too big, I threw into a pot the sweater, the two hats, and the Clapotis I made for my mom awhile back.

The clapotis that was knitted with Claudia's Handpainted yarn.

From very deep reds and purples.

Do you see where I am going with this?

I almost cried when I pulled out the sweater, which was resting on top of the clapotis in the pot. It had dark patches where it had made contact with the clapotis. It was only due to the quick actions of my husband, who jumped up, grabbed the sweater and started rinsing it with warm water, that the sweater was salvagable. He stood over the sink for a good fifteen minutes, massaging the sweater, and mentally willing the colors out. It was very sexy.

It's drying now, and I will look at it in the morning to see if it can be given as a gift. I think I see some faint marks where the colors ran, but it could be just me and my overly critical eye.

By the way, I am using blocking wires for the clapotis. I like the clean edge that it allows, but it is not a time-saver. Also, why don't the wires have tapered ends? I am QUITE PUT OUT.

I wish I had thought of Knitdiot when I was signing up for ravelry. That really would have hit the nail on the head.


Dani said...

Oh no!! I hope it comes out ok. If there's still faint spots, maybe a good soak would help?

I fould another, maybe quicker, way to block with out blocking wires. It's here:

Elisa said...

OMG G! I actually gasped out loud and dh ran in to see what was the matter. LOL

I hope the spots come out.

I will eagerly await alternative blocking ideas since I'm going to have my Mom's prayer shawl to block before Xmas.

Gina said...

Crisis averted--the sweater looks fine. Dh insisted upon another soak (he's so cute), and it blocked fine. The sleeves look a little long, but otherwise it's fine. Yay! Onto my green vest made from Terra yarns.

Gina said...

Oh, and re: blocking shawls, Elisa, I would receommend you look at the link that Dani provided above. IT's a good alternative to blocking wires, which I wasn't thrilled with. It was very cumbersome, and the wires kept catching the yarn because the ends weren't tapered. I am going to try the string method when I finish my current Ella shawl, but don't look for that anytime soon. I think Eunny Jang has something about blocking on her site as well, but the Yarn Harlot's blog entry was pretty good.

Dani said...

Eunny has a VERY comprehensicve guide to lace and blocking lace. I thought the Yarnharlots was very good too.

I'm so glad the spots came out. That would have been heartbreaking.

~Melissa~ said...

OMG! I gasped too when I read this.

I am so glad that it all turned out ok - how nice that your hubby came to the rescue!

Steff said...

Yep- me too! I gasped and said "Oh My God." and sat here with my hands over my mouth reading the rest!
I am SO happy for you that it came out! Your DH is very sexy- way to take over in a crisis! ;)
[sigh of relief for you]