Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Food and Feet

Pez is right. Knitting all this play food is strangely satisfying and very addictive. All the pattern I've done so far have been free, including the strawberry form Pez. This first set, plus a cupcake and some cookies or donuts, are going to be a birthday gift for my friend's daughter. I'm going to load it all into a little picnic basket with a little checkerboard napkin for a tablecloth. If my children are any indication she'll love it.

In between the compulsive fruit knitting, I did manage to finish my Charade socks. I used US size 2 needles and Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Vera.


La Pez said...
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La Pez said...

Love the socks! Awesome colors. I started that same sock but I hate k2tog so I quit. Your socks look great though.

Ahh, knit food, people just don't get it until they really do it. I have to say it is still not my favorite stuff to do, but spread out in a basket I love the end result.

I promise to write up more patterns, someday.

La Pez said...

Double posts, sorry about that.

~Melissa~ said...

You did such a great job. I'm going to have to try knitting up some food - it always looks so nice piled high :)

The socks look great too - I like the color!

LeaAnna said...

They all look fantastic!

Where did you find the pea in the pod pattern?

Dani said...