Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Taking the edge off

I've been knitting diligently on the holiday gifts, but I'm not good about knitting on a deadline. Suddenly, I want to knit almost anything except what I'm currently knitting. I've adjusted my holiday knitting expectations and I have one last gift to knit. I love the pattern, the yarn, and the gift recipient, but I was getting really antsy. This was a total impulse knit. I cast on and knit madly. It was done so quick, but it was just enough to take the edge off the holiday knitting. Now it's back to work for me. I'll check back soon with holiday knits before they get wrapped up.

Pattern is Winter Femme with minor modifications. Yarn is Tess Superwash Merino. Size 7 Needles. More details are on Ravelry under daniknits.


Lesalicious said...

She so cute, love the hat great job.:)

~Melissa~ said...

That hat turned out great and look lovely on your model :)

LeaAnna said...

I love the color combo!