Wednesday, October 22, 2008

This weekend I abandoned my children and husband and went to Rhinebeck, NY for my very first NY Sheep and Wool Festival.

The surroundings very beautiful. The foliage, the foliage...well, you just don't get colors like that in Chicago.

On Friday, my friends and I hiked to Kaaterskill Falls. Amazing. Gorgeous. We followed it up a lovely dinner at Stella's in Kingston.

Saturday, we hit the festival. It was clear, crisp, and cold! Which made for a fun game of name that pattern. There were lots of beautiful sweaters, hats, and shawls. We pet alpacas, lamas, bunnies, and sheep.

And almost immediately after came across this sign:

Don't worry. We didn't have any. We did decide to try the Philly cheesesteak though. (Hint: if you are from Chicago, this is not going to be good choice. It is not the same.) The hot apples and ice cream on a cinnamon bun fully made up for it though.

In the end, I purchased 2 skeins of wool from Ellen's Half Pint Farm. 1 for me to make Matty a pinwheel blanket and a smaller, bulkier skein for Maggie to knit herself something.

I also snagged a skein of Cameloo (camel, merino, and bamboo) from Still River Mill. I think it will be a cowl for me.

And I picked up an exquisite skein of Frolicking Feet in "Cherry Pits" from Done Roving. We ended up skipping the Ravelry party though. It was just too cold and my sister had the beginnings of a sinus infection. Instead we grabbed a bottle of wine and takeout and set up shop in the hotel lobby. We chatted with the other knitters and generally had a fun evening.

Sunday was spent wandering Rhinebeck's downtown and tasting at Ailson Winery. We popped in and out of shops. My friends even bought me the cashmere and silk pashmina I feel in love with for my birthday! We ended the day at Gigi Trattoria. The best risotto I have ever had.

Then we packed the car and headed back to the airport. Fabulous weekend. I can't wait to do it again.

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Steff said...

Wow- looks like you had a great time! Sounds like fun.