Saturday, August 9, 2008

Made it!

Blocked at 9am this morning and gifted at 10:30 am.! The pattern so clever and so fun to knit. I think maybe I should have used higher contrast yarns, I'm pretty darn happy with these. I'm especially happy that they were knit in only 6 days, Almost entirely as my after work knitting. A very quick knit. Only 66 rounds after the picot edging.

Anyway, Gene Ann loved them. I was right. No one knits for you when you own a yarn shop. I'm really glad I did. Gene taught my sister and me how to knit maybe 8 or 10 years ago. I thought she was giving me knitting lessons, but really, it has been so much more. I can't imagine my life without knitting. It's my passion. I will always be grateful to Gene for introducing me to it.


Steff said...

I like the colors you used. I think it's nice to have it subtle like that.

They look wonderful. :) I'm sure she will treasure them.

~Melissa~ said...

They're beautiful Dani! I love them - what a wonderful gift.

LeaAnna said...

I love them! And the colors you chose go perfectly with each other.

Beth said...

They came out really well! I love to see my patterns through other people's eyes and I really like the more subtle contrast :)