Monday, February 25, 2008

7 Things About LeaAnna

1. The neighborhood boys used to jump up in the kitchen window and scare me when I was washing the dishes. To this day, I can't stand at the kitchen sink at night without feeling like someone is waiting there to get me.

2. I get paid to take other peoples' pictures, yet I have hardly any of my own kids (I am working on this!)

3. My Dad is married to my Moms half-sister making 3 of my brothers also my cousins. It really sounds worse than it is.

4. I am envious of people I see out running and dream of someday running a marathon, but think I'm really too lazy to make that happen.

5. I drove a stolen car from California to Minnesota when I was 17, without a drivers license. I didn't steal the car.

6. Most people think that my first child was an 'oops' because I was 19 and not yet married, but he was planned. My third was the 'oops'.

7. Because of #6, most of our friends said we'd be divorced within a couple years. We've been married for 11 years. :D

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