Monday, June 18, 2007

Booga, Booga!! I did it!

I finished a project! I felted! I made something for me!! Can you tell I'm excited? ;)

Here is my new Booga bag before and after felting. It was fun to knit and I loved the wool. (Noro Kureyon #126; pattern at

I just love it! I can't wait to start using it. My dd wants one of her own, too, of course! She had to model it for me.

Thanks again to Gina who sent me the awesome yarn and the idea in a Magic Yarn Ball swap! Here is a picture of the goodies she sent. (& Gina- the ladybug stitch markers came in handy and are sooo cute!)

I always love knitting for others, but hey- this knitting for myself is kinda' cool too! :D I might have to try it again sometime. ;)


Steff said...

Did I use enough exclamation points in that post!?! lol

Seriously, though- I am excited. I can't help it!

Dani said...

Looks great! I really liked knitting that bag too.

~Melissa~ said...

I looks great! I might have to give that one a try. The sushi wallet was my first felting project and I decided I must have a bag for it too :)

Good job!! It is fun knitting for yourself isn't it?

Elisa said...

Looks great! Enjoy your bag...I think felted bags are super fun, quick projects.

LeaAnna said...

I love it! I haven't knit anything for myself yet, but I've got my eye on a few bags. ;)

Gina said...

LOVE IT!!!! Those colors are great, if I do say so myself. I think bags are a great introduction to felting. It's so forgiving; all you mistakes are hidden, and you can stretch out all your mistakes. I particularly like the booga pattern because it's simple and it uses exactly three balls of yarn. Personally, I am not a big fan of Kureyon in anything but felting (it snaps easily and is very natural, like twigs in the wool natural), but it really redeems itself in the wash.

Great job, Steff. It looks fantastic. And so nice to knit for yourself for once, huh?

Dani said...

Make sure to add your bag to our FO list.