Friday, June 22, 2007

Clapotis update

I'm guilty of not blogging much lately, but really, the clapotis is not an exciting piece of knitting. I tend to be fairly monogamous when it comes to projects, so I haven't wanted to start on anything else until I'm done with this. Luckily, I'm on the decreases, so it's not long now. I think my mom will like it. Her birthday isn't until October, but I am very into planning ahead these days. I don't know why. It's pretty uncharacteristic of me, since I am still guilty of leaving the house without checking to see if I have a juice box and a few extra diapers. In any case, here it is, in its almost complete form:

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I cannot say enough good things about Claudia's Handpainted yarns. Love it. Elisa, this is great sock yarn if you are looking for something new to try. That is, if you can fit it in between Sock Club shipments. LOL! Those sock clubs remind me of those CD clubs I joined in college, that kept sending CDs every three weeks or so. Except a lot more expensive. I've had good luck ordering from Loop in the past. They photograph their stuff well, so you can really see what you are getting.

Remember when I commented on Elisa's stash by saying I don't usually buy yarn without the project? Ahem, well. I made the mistake of stopping into a new (to me) yarn shop in Alexandria, Virginia (HEY, ONLY THREE HOURS FROM PEZ'S HOUSE!) called Knit Happens. The gals in there were so nice. And had such good salesmanship. Behold:
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It's "Paris," by Fleece Artist . I think it's going to be a Print O' The Wave stole. FOR ME. So selfish these days.

I feel like crap these days. But I did get a great hair cut. I call it The Carmela Soprano. Doesn't it look like I can whip up a mean batch of meatballs and sauce?
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Dani said...

Gorgeous hair and yarn! The Tuscany shawl started out as the print o'the wave shawl, but then i didn't want to have to do the edging. Lazy, but I think I'll be making that one eventually too. Clapotis looks beautiful. your mom will love it.

LeaAnna said...

The clapotis for your mom is looking quite lovely! The colors are knitting up so nicely. Sometimes those variegated yarns can look funky when they're knit up. I love that knew yarn you picked up! And your hair! Fabulous!!!

Elisa said...

Love the hair! Love the shawl! Love the yarn!

My mom got a pair of socks for Christmas in Claudia's Pink Posey, I just ordered some in a new, darker colorway for socks for me.

~Melissa~ said...

I love the hair and your name for it. The yarn is so beautiful - I absolutely love the colors.
Clapotis is looking amazing - I think your mom is really going to love it.

Woo hoo - I just picked up some Claudia Handpainted today at my LYS - I have a story to share when I have longer computer time (translate: when I'm at work :) )