Sunday, June 17, 2007

KIP (&my baby bro is a Graduate!) & bamboo!

I see a lot of blogs about knitting in public. I do this, and yes, I get funny looks occasionally, but I do not care. I am a mom to three elementary age kids, and if I get time to knit I will, and I don't care where I happen to be. In line, at the park, at a party, sitting, standing- whatever works

My youngest brother just graduated high school! Woohoo! It is a big accomplishment for him, and he is college bound which is exciting. However, commencement exercises can be long, drawn out and pretty much uninteresting, except for that moment they call the name of the person you are there to see walk across that field and accept their diploma. So I knit...while I waited.

It was wonderful seeing my brother afterwards- he could not keep the huge grin from his handsome face, and he is so popular, I took loads of pictures of him with friends and
family. Even got one of me with him. :)

Also- I tried bamboo needles for the first time and I fell in LOVE! They felt so good sliding through the cotton yarn I am knitting with. (A sweater for my niece that I think she has already outgrown! lol)

Unfortunately, this was my first and last time kntting with them, as my knitting bag had a hole in it apparently. Waaahh. Now I have one lonely needle beckoning. No where in my town sells them, so I might have to go online to find more wonderful bamboo.


~Melissa~ said...

I would have knit during the ceremony too! Congrats to your brother :) Maybe your lost needle will appear - I've lost one before too and it sucks!

LeaAnna said...

Congrats to your brother! I would have definitely knit, too. Bummer about losing a needle though!

Elisa said...

Congrats! Graduation ceremonies are totally boring! ;) At least knitting is there to make the time go by.

La Pez said...

Aw, look at you and your little bro, sweet!

Bamboo and cotton, it is a good thing (and I don't usually love bamboo) I hope you can find a replacement soon.

Gina said...

Am I the only person looking at your baby brother and thinking what a handsome young man he is? You must be so proud! An athlete and a scholar. Where's he going to college? Will he be playing on the soccer team?

I am with you on long and drawn out graduations. I didn't even go to my own ceremonies for nursing and grad school. I wasn't even knitting much at the time, so I probably would have brought a flask with me instead. LOL!