Wednesday, August 1, 2007

No Petite Feet

No Petite Feet
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No, in fact considering my height I would say my feet are down right huge. They used to be sort of cute and small but with each pregnancy not only did they get a full size bigger (size 9 now!) I also grew an inch (I am 5'5). So I guess it is not so bad.

I started this sock on Monday morning after a very bad night of trying to make up my own ribbed sock pattern using Tofutsie yarn. Trying to design your own sock after only knitting 1 pair of adult size socks, how can you say, um, not a good idea. So after going to bed angry at my knitting (what you don't have a relationship like this with yarn?), I decided to google 'Basic Ribbed Sock Pattern' and guess what came up - a basic ribbed sock pattern.

This is Misty Mountain Farm yarn that Melissa gave me and I honestly think I am in love. The yarn is perfect for this pattern, and the colorway is not something I would have picked up for myself but it is so totally perfectly me that, well, I am just amazed. The colorway is Virginia Creeper, how cool is that?

So, as I blog I am sort of torn on what to do. This sock will have a mate, but that Harry Potter books is super tempting, plus there is Stampin' Up goodies to play with, and those little sprites to attend to too. Even with my cell phone missing (my link people! my left arm!), I can still say life is good, big feet, missing cell phone, and all.

PS. Baby Ari has arrived and I will be crashing at his place for an hour or so and going crazy making him wear my knits and taking tons of pics.

Be well peeps.


Dani said...

Congrats, Auntie! Great colorway on the socks too. If I were you I'd cast on for the socks and then read Harry Potter while knitting. Maybe it's a good day for the kids to watch a movie too. ;)

~Melissa~ said...

I'm loving the socks -and so glad you like the yarn. When I saw Virginia Creeper - I knew it was the one.

I think Dani has the perfect plan for you!