Sunday, August 19, 2007

Superhero Red Socks

Superhero Red Socks
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Dominic loves red socks. In fact, on most days it is the only color sock that he will wear. He had one pair of toddler socks that were red and white striped and he wore them until his foot could no longer squeeze into them.

He helped me dye the yarn (Knit Picks Superwash Merino) with Cherry Kool-Aid last month and I knit these up over the last two weeks using the Easy Children's Socks pattern by Knitting Pure and Simple. I was excited because just a hint of white striping appeared as I knit. He requested them "high like a boot" and I left a little room in the toe for his growing feet.

Even though it has been very hot and humid - his new superhero socks have remained on! He's tried on a variety of costume and cape combinations to see which ensemble looks the best. It's been fun to have him be so excited over a project!


Dani said...

The color came out really well. I had a hard time getting a true red with Kool-aid. I'm glad D love them. It's such a great feeling when your kids actually WANT to wear your handknits.

Elisa said...

Those are great! The color looks perfect with his cape. ;D

La Pez said...

Excellente! Those look fab, great pic too :D

Steff said...

I love those, too. I can see why he never wants to take them off!

I love that he is wearing the red knee socks and his red cape with his favorite worn denim shorts. :) He is just the cutest.

Oh! I started my first sock on the way back from Boston! I'll post when finished.