Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sickbed Knitting

Not that I would recommend this by any means, but recovering from surgery has given me an unprecedented amount of time to work on a bunch of things that have been languishing in hibernation for months now. This is, of course, when I am not watching all three seasons of The Office, which I was smart enough to buy a few months ago. I have been spending a lot of time in bed, while the kids are attended to by others. It's been great, but also necessary. I feel totally wiped out. I can't imagine taking care of the kids in this state. Luckily many have stepped up to help me out and keep the fridge stocked with dinners I wouldn't be able to prepare on my own.

So here's the progress: I have finished side two of the Wobbly Circles Tote that I started last August. All I have to do is sew it up and felt it. I liked the colors when I started, but now realize I need to take a course in color theory or something to make my knits more attractive and less "home made." I also made the two sides different, because I didn't really see the point in making them identical. While I don't hate intarsia like some, I admit this project really annoyed me at times. I wouldn't do it again, because it calls for two sides. When I finished the first one I was ready to throw it OUT, not make another and throw it in the washer. It strikes me that's probably what second sock syndrome is, that thing I will never experience because I am not loony enough to knit socks. Here it is:
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Also, I am making a heck of a lot of progress on my Pea Pod baby sweater. Instead of making the sleeves and sewing them in, I picked up the stitches and knit them in the round. This is how much I hate seaming: that I would rather spend time calculating how many stitches to decrease and when to do them rather than knit a flat piece and seam it up. I don't think I save any time by doing it that way, but it sure saves me a lot of sanity. Or should I say saknity? That word still doesn't look right to me.

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Favorite Office Moment (so far): when Jim throws Andy's cell phone in the ceiling and keeps calling it, driving Andy to punch a hole in the wall. OMG.

Also, I have two flickr questions: whenever I post a picture on ravelry, it only shows the left side of the photo. Do I need to resize it or something? I have been taking pictures and putting my subject on the left to make up for this but it seems inefficient. And stupid. The second question is: can I post a picture here from flickr? I can't figure out how to do it and have been posting the photos on photobucket. I am sure that is so PC of me, but sometimes I can't figure out how to do anything on my Mac.


Dani said...

You can write your whole blog post from flickr if you like. Just open one of your pics and then click "blog this" at the top. In Ravelry, are you repositioning your pic with the green arrow key? You have to click and drag the little box instead of your pic.

I know I said it before, but I really like the colors you chose for the felted bag. I think you'll be suprised how good it looks after felting. The baby sweater looks so cute. I miss having someone really small to knit for. Hey, wanna join the TCC KAL and knit for your girlie?

LeaAnna said...

I think the tote looks nice & will take on a whole new life after it's felted.

Love the baby sweater!

~Melissa~ said...

OMG Gina - I love that part in The Office too!

The bag looks great and so does the sweater. I only wish I was smart enough to be able to calculate how to figure out how to switch and knit in the round instead of seaming. I know it's probably pretty basic, but these days my brain is just a little slower.

I'm glad to hear people are helping you out so that you can recover and rest. Keep it up!!

Elisa said...

Glad you are getting resting time Miss Gina.

Move the picture around by dragging on the little green arrow which will pop up in the lower right hand corner.

I love your sweater. And I commiserate because I will also go to great lengths to avoid seaming.

Steff said...

I think the bag is absolutely fabulous. :D I want to see it felted!

And the details on that sweater are beautiful.

don't forget to put them in the finished projects when done!