Sunday, August 12, 2007

Tater's Cotton Cardi - A TCC KAL

La Green Eyes
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So, Elisa has a TCC on the needles, Dani has the yarn for one, and I am waiting on yarn so I can knit it up too. Who else is in for a KAL?

I originally purchased Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in a very snazzy cool purple but after swatching I realized the yarn was way too thick, so now I am waiting on something from KnitPicks (can't seem to remember what yarn) in sport weight. I have been wanting to knit this one up for awhile, and it doesn't look too boring either.

Photo of the Momo posted because not only is she so stinkin' cute, but I just can't blog without a photo.


Dani said...

She is so stinkin cute! I'm in for a KAL.

Elisa said...

I'm up for KAL. I think I'm actually going to order new yarn though, one of the reasons I can't bring myself to finish is that I hate the yarn I am using so much. It's Frog Tree Pima Silk and it's super splitty and I don't like the drape at all. I think I'm going to do it in wool for a fall/winter sweater. Now the only question is, do I order the Fiesta Boomerang or the STR Heavyweight. Decisions, decisions.

Elisa said...

OK, made my decision and ordered the Boomerang. I love this yarn oh so much.

Dani said...

Anyone else in? When do we start?

La Pez said...

I'm still waiting on my yarn, and I really hope it works for this pattern ::sigh::

If you got the stuff, start now :D

~Melissa~ said...

I'm in - I'll make it so d can have it when she's bigger ;)

And Momo is too cute! Her eyes are very wise.