Saturday, August 25, 2007

"You totally need to knit me those"

Always a Strawberry girl, lap full of berries
Um, no I don't. Man, I am so tired of non knitters asking me to knit them stuff. My sister is in town, she is a wonderful AP mother of a 2 year old, she is also a dancer. I picked her up from the airport at 7PM and by 9PM I have already been asked if I could knit up some play food for her nephew and if I would knit her a pair of wrist warmers and leg warmers. I must have given her a funny look bc she said 'Oh, I guess your knit list if full'.

And teaching her to knit is not going to happen because she has said "I'm too active to be knitting"

Le Sigh. They really don't get it, huh?

In other knitterly news, and speaking of people not getting it, I have been doing a butt ton of swaps. I have been slightly obsessed (me, obsessed, imagine) with purging the house of crap toys so I've been doing swaps with toy makers. Many a knit sandwiches and strawberries have been flying out of my house. And that is about it. Once these are done I will be finishing up some top secret socks and starting the Tater sweater.

What have you been up too? Any 'knit me these' type stories to tell?


Steff said...

YES! Non-knitters have no idea what is involved and seem to think anyone who knits has loads of "free time". I have to make time to knit- usually while waiting in line, watching the kids at the park, etc.. (no, I'm not active)

My sister gave me a dog knitting book to make her dog a sweater. I have never made a sweater for any of my kids, but sure!...

She also gave me a beautiful ball of baby alpaca, but asked me to make something with it for her!! (at the time I had never knitted anything for myself, either.)

Have fun with your sis and niece during her visit! :D

Dani said...

I hate the implication that because I knit, I must have tons of free time to sit on my ass. This is just what I do with the free time I do have. This is huge pet peeve for me.

~Melissa~ said...

My mom wants me to knit up sweaters for her, and now socks. It does seem that people think you have a lot of free time if you knit - I never have enough time and way too many projects waiting.

I love the strawberry girl though - so beautiful!! :)

Gina said...

When I finished the Pimlico shrug, I wore it on an unseasonably cold day in May to a birthday party. A woman there who is an aquaintance of mine (not friend) came up to me and said, "Wow, I love that. Is it Eileen Fisher?" I told her I had made it and she said, "Oh, if I buy the yarn, would you knit one for me? I will pay you for the time it would take, name your price."

First, it is a very simple design. A big flat triangle and some sleeves. Second, paying me for my time? Not enough money in the world. It took forever to knit that damn thing. There is no possible way I would do that for under 500$. Which no one in their right mind would ever pay, and rightly so. I was flattered, certainly, but it was a funny comment coming from someone who has no idea what went into the project to begin with.

Luckily, a lot of my friends here are knitters, so if they want something, they just knit it themselves. A few people have asked for sushi sets, but I am rather evasive about answering.

I have to say, though, if I didn't knit, and I knew Pez IRL, I'd be on her like white on rice for soe knitted food. It's so damn cute.

Have fun during her visit, if you'll be able tp keep up with her activity level. LOL!

LeaAnna said...

Love the strawberry girl!

So far, the only one who has really nagged me to make stuff is Noah. And it's not simple, follow a pattern's 'I've dreamt up this item that I can't really explain but I want you to make it for me yesterday' stuff! LOL He really thinks I'm way more creative than I am!

I hope you get to enjoy the rest of their visit.