Sunday, May 20, 2007


I am easily bored. For me, this is the most likely reason a project will be abandoned. My friend was over for dinner this weekend and showed me the baby blanket she was working on.

It's beautiful and soft, and um...big enough don't you think? She said she had 3 more skeins and was enjoying the pattern so she was going to use them. I don't understand. Why? 3 more skeins of knitting the same thing over and over and over again. It sounds like the seventh circle of hell to me. Then again, I would have done 3 or 4 pattern repeats and started measuring obsessively and bargaining with myself about how big is big enough.
I have the attention span of a gnat. I look forward to the shaping in a sweater or the color changes. I look at an aran sweater and instead of thinking that looks hard, I think I won't be bored. I rarely knit scarfs or blankets for this very reason. I also knit alot of baby and kids clothes because the boring sections of plain knitting are blessedly small. Unfortunately my taste runs towards the plainer more classic pieces, so I often have several items in progress at once. The plainer the project, the longer it will take me to finish it.

My daughter asked me to make a blanket just for her. I dutifully promised and then panicked about how I would manage to complete something a large and as boring as a blanket.
It's blinding, but I'm not bored.


Gina said...

Stockinette is why knitting machines were invented. I see no point in doing a lot of the same stitch pattern, over and over, unless you are going to get a spectacular result. That's exactly the reason I gravitate toward cable patterns, too. And it's incredibly impressive, when all you've done is twisted a stitch here and there, and held some stitches in the front or back. Just enough to keep things interesting.

That's a cute color block blanket, despite that fact that the Mason Dixon folks probably thought of making that into a warshrag, too.

Dani said...

Thanks. The original idea for a log cabin blanket did come fom Mason-Dixon.

~Melissa~ said...

I love the blanket and the colors!!

I am starting to get very bored with my projects lately because they feel so basic. I just feel I have so little brainpower currently to figure out a more difficult pattern. My boredom is probably why I have several things going at once.

Dee said...

It is wrong that I want to eat Matty up?

Louie wants me to knit him a blanket too, what yarn are you using? He hates anything scratchy and he likes heavy blankets. I don't think I am going to do a log cabin, but I don't find them too boring. There is something about being able to keep all your rows nice and straight that I find fulfilling.

Dani said...

Encore Worsted - size 8 needles. I just stood in front of the wall o'Encore at the lys and waited to see what spoke to me. Plus @ around $5 a ball, it's cheap, not to mention washable.

Steff said...

Oooh- I love those colors and the quilt look. :)

I still mess up often enough that almost nothing is boring for me yet! :Dlol

Is it washable or Warshable? heheh