Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Children and Lace

All morning at work I was daydreaming about coming home, sitting in the sun in the backyard and working on the Tuscany shawl from No Sheep for You while my children played happily in the yard.


I was greeted at the door by syrup sticky, pajama wearing, bed headed kids. No problem. I washed and dressed the kids and was ready to head outside. What? Hungry? Ok. Make, eat, and clean up lunch. Now, outside we go. Oh, you need something to drink? Alright, I'll just set my yarn on the patio table and run in the kitchen for a minute.

What do I see out the window not 90 seconds later? My son streaking by clutching a large ball of alpaca, yarn trailing the ground, followed by my daughter chasing him with the shawl end on the needles. Believe it or not they didn't pull off any stitches. I guess I need a safer place to keep my yarn when I run inside for a minute.
The shawl is for my sister for her 30th birthday. I'm really enjoying the pattern so far. It's not quite autopilot, so I'm not bored; but I'm still able to talk or watch tv while working on it. I've got just over a month to finish and block it. I'm not usually great with deadlines, but I am not giving this gift still on the needles. It could get very entertaining for everyone else as we get down to the wire.

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~Melissa~ said...

If it were my house, all the stitches would have come off the needles. It looks like it will be a beautiful shawl Dani.