Monday, May 28, 2007

May the force be with you

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Whew, I think I am finally over my 'warshrag' addiction, well, okay maybe that is a lie but this was a fun knit and it made me stop knitting warshrags for a few days. Small enough to not be boring, and challenging enough to hold my attention (seams people, seaming is hard for me). I have knit a few sweaters flat but this one is my best finishing yet. I am usually pretty shy about my finishing work, mainly because it is not my strong point, but this sweater feel free to open it up and look inside - it looks good. This is for my best friend's baby due in August, so I am ahead of the game.

The pattern is the Baby Yoda sweater. I used good old cheapo Peaches and Cream, I think this is 3 skeins but I cannot remember for sure, all I know is that I ran out of yarn to do the ties in icord. I don't usually knit gifts with the cheap stuff but 1) my friend is not a knitter, 2) she is having a summer baby, 3) this is all I had on hand and I needed to knit this pattern (had to, no time to wait on yarn from WEBS, 4) I am knitting a huge layette for her already blanket, hats, booties and 5) I like Peaches and Cream (and I really do, I will knit my kids stuff with this)

I had M try the sweater on just for fun, and it actually fit. It looked like a super cute cropped bolero. I would like to find a way to knit up a stack of these for her hospital stay, but I am holding off trying to figure it out, I keep holding out hope that she will not need surgery.

Nothing else to note really, I have been finishing up a few 'knit food' orders. Every time I say yes to knitting food for trades and stuff I swear it is my last time doing it. I want to say it again 'this is the last time I am doing this' but I doubt I will stick to it. I don't totally love knitting the little food toys and the work is not very rewarding. My favorite part of knitting the food is being able to take photos of it, but even that is not as fun anymore.

About the beeeeuuutiful Clapotis, I am going to have to say it looks more boring to knit than a warshrag - at least the warshrag has a few slip stitches in there to make the the color work fun but I bet there is something nice about being able to drop all those stitches - on purpose. I love the look of the Clapotis so maybe I will pick it up for my 'on the run' knitting.


Gina said...

VERY cute. Looks just like the kimono from Mason Dixon. Peaches and Cream is perfect for things that are going to get puked on, IMO. I recently ordered a bunch of cards from Knitpicks to get a feel for their yarn and colors, since they are so incredibly inexpensive. They might be a good step up in quality from PNC for other gifts. I am teaching my Spanish teacher how to knit and we will be using one of the Knitpicks yarns, so I can report back on the quality and how it knits up.

I could NOT work on the clapotis today. Could not face it.

Dani said...

It's super cute! I have no problem with inexpensive yarn that's good. It's cheap, crappy yarn that bugs me. I have had good experiences with knitpicks yanr so far. I used their Bare Worsted Weight for Kool Aid dying and did a whole sweater for Matt with it. It's soft knit up than in the skein. I want to try their new Cotlin.

~Melissa~ said...

Very cute! It's similar to the kimono I knit for d a while back - it was a fun, easy knit.

I'm glad to know you are happy with Peaches and Cream. They had a sale at Michaels and I picked up a bunch to keep me busy - I knew I too couldn't wait on WEBS for other yarns.

Elisa said...

Cute! I was all ready to cast on for the Knit Cafe Baby Kimono last night, but I decided to try this one instead. Back and left side down and so far so good.

I have used a variety of KnitPicks yarns, Gina, and I have been happy with them all. And don't get me started on singing my love for the circs and dpn's. The pointier tips make them oh so easy to use.

Steff said...

That sweater is beautiful and looks oh, so comfy. :) I have been trying to knit a sweater for months now, and am not having much luck, I keep ripping out and starting over. I seem to knit one side tighter with the cotton. ??