Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Crocs and Warshrags

People have some strong opinions about both, don't they? You either hate 'em of love 'em. Me, I hated Crocs when I first saw they, now I love them. I know they are ugly and they don't do much to give you a sexy leg but I am all about them. They are so ugly they are cute, so says me. And honestly, they are easy. Easy to clean, easy to go to the pool in, the park, just all over easy.

Now, about the warshrag - I don't actually call them warshrags, round here we call them washcloths. But around here we also don't use them. Why? I don't know but they seem to big to wash with and too small to dry your hands on, so why on earth do I keep knitting them? I don't even know. But if I don't do anything else this week, I will at least weave in ends and start using these ugly little cuties.

Work on the Baby Yoda sweater is almost complete, I need to seam up the sides and put some ties on it. Boob hat pattern by me, still is the works. Speaking of boring knitting, the never ending baby blanket needs work too.

Off to be mocked in the garden by the dude who thinks I stole his shoes.


Dani said...

They're so pretty, but they do seen sort of large. We use a ponge on dishes around here, so I'd be in interested in seeing how you like them.

Steff said...

I like them!
(I don't call them washrags anymore either, btw.)
The ones I have had shrink to a more manageable size once washed and dried. I have a plain white one that I love for a dishrag. ;) lol

~Melissa~ said...

We call them washcloths too. I love all the colors. I'll be interested in how you like them because I think I might make a few. They seem quick and easy, maybe I'll practice a few stitch patterns while making them.

I don't mind the crocs either - D has been wanting a pair and they seem easy to slip on and clean off. Perfect for an almost 6 year old!