Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Knit Unto Others

But only when you you have your own little Miss model first, ah the joys of knitting for children your own child's size. This is one for the many swaps I have been working on. The pattern is an original, as in I cast on for the ruffle and made my way up the top. I have knit this style top many times before, and I always mean to write the pattern down but I never do, it is on my to do list, I swear. It is your basic 3x ruffle done in the round, decreased up for the body, extra decreases at the sides to make it a bit swingy. This version has seed stitch panels with Icord ties. Knit with the old Sugar and Cream stand by with a matching cute little yarn over half square kerchief with crochet ties (warshrag modified - ha!)

I'm a few days late with this swap, so of course the top needs to be blocked. The Divine One looks like she has a huge giant head, which she sort of does but I don't think it really is as big as it looks in this photo. The top is off to live with a super sweet little Redhead 3 year old, I hope the mama likes what I have made for her. They were not expecting the kerchief so I hope it is a fun surprise.

I was starting to think that we should rename the blog something like 'I-95' knitting, but I see a few of you have come out of the knit work, I slay me. I've been thinking a lot about our sweet little Miss d and her mama Melissa, strong heart thoughts to them.



Dani said...

Cute top and kerchief! Where do you do all your trades?

~Melissa~ said...

I love it Deva - it's beautiful!!
You need to write up that pattern and sell it - will it make a smaller, Delphine like size? ;)

Thank you for thinking of us - I'm compiling a list of projects to keep me busy and will post about it soon (I get to use my new Rebel to take pictures).

Gina said...

Okay, Pez and Dani need to write down their patterns so we can create a little side link to "original patterns." If there is not an argyle vest pattern on the internet, then there will be now. Ahem.

I agree, we do need to come up with a different name, but I am not creative enough to think of one. And I too have been thinking of the gorgeous Miss d, but also the transcendent Miss Momo. Where is life's fast forward button?

Dani said...

I've been thinking alot about both beautiful girls too. I can't wait until they're past these hurdles.

I agree on the different name. Let's discuss.

As for the pattern, I'm working on it! And I have a little surprise about it, too.

Steff said...

I love this- I can't believe it is an original. Well, actually yes I can! You are so creative and all your designs are so cute. I definitely think people would pay for some of these patterns. (like your food and Dani's vest, etc..)
Can we link to a site to buy them from here?
I will think about the name, but I don't mind the one we have now.- That is where we connected, so...