Thursday, May 17, 2007

How to make Gina cringe:

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Warshrag, there I said it. Did that word give anyone else a full body shiver?

I don't do anything half way. Do I need to tell you all this? I think not. But these warshrags, knitting these warshrags are damn addictive. I'm not sure what it is, maybe it is that vintage domestic feel, maybe it is the daydreams of having my kitchen stocked with beautiful handknits, or maybe it is that they are so freaking fast and easy you can't help but love them. And they are cheap. Super cheap, so cheap even this non hoarding yarn loving chick is developing a cotton stash.

With this love of warshrags comes guilt however, I have about a million other things I could be knitting. Shirts for the Divine One, toys for the King, hats for the mister, something, anything for me. And then there is the 'business' knitting that I must do. But for now, come on over, sit with me in my shade garden on garbage day and knit a warshrag with me. You will have a stack of warshrags so puffy and fun you too will have thoughts of where you can find a vintage basket for the corner of your kitchen to house them all in.


Dani said...

I did shiver. Just a little.

Steff said...

Hey- I was raised Deep South and that's all I ever called those squares of cloth used to clean something, anything with.
My DH, Yankee that he is, now has me saying the nicer "face cloth" or "wash cloth," but they'll always be rags to me.

~Melissa~ said...

Just a little shiver ;) I've actually been thinking about doing a few of these for one of my "hospital projects".

Gina said...

Okay, well, the best thing I can say about washrags (because the "warsh" thing is so fucking hokey it is like nails on a chalkboard) is that at the very least they are an excuse to photograph the fanstastically handsome Louis. The worst thing about them is what they can lead to. It starts with washrags, accelerates to toliet roll cozies and before you know it you are macrame-ing belts, vests and suspended plant stands. Stop the madness, I beg you.

Shannon said...

Gina has a compelling argument....I say as long as you don't make a potholder, you should be ok. :)

Dee said...

I finished another one last night - ha. And it is crazy cute ugly!

You mean you have not knit the 'Sushi Toilet Paper Cozy' and matching bamboo mat?