Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I work well under pressure. Really, I do. That must be why I seem to be trying to create some for myself.
I've been progressing well on the Tuscany Shawl for my sister. I am halfway through the 7th pattern repeat of 11 total. I think I might need a couple extra repetitions since I've subbed both smaller yarn and needles. Even so, it's looking good that this gift will be completed, blocked and wrapped by it's due date.

So, obviously, I brought home this:

Anne by Schaefer. I'm not sure which color without checking the bottom of my yarn bag for the tag.
I started thinking that since my sister is getting some handknit lace for her very special 30th birthday, doesn't my mom deserve some lace for her equally special 60th birthday? Here's the's birthday is 4 days before my sister's.

Ignoring the idiocy of this plan and the slim chance it has of success, help me pick a pattern! I am thinking either
a.) Knitpicks Candle Flame Scarf (the colors make this seem even better)
b.) Branching Out form the Spring 2005 issue of Knitty.

I want to make either one as a smaller scarf that would be worn maybe draped around the neck with a button down blouse.

In other news, my peach tree is blooming! After 10 years in a townhouse with a yard only big enough for the dog to "go" in, all the plants growing in my yard are just amazing.


La Pez said...

I say go with the Knit Picks pattern, I like the look of it with the border around it.

Are those sunflowers Miss Maggie is showing off the work in? She is so sweet!

~Melissa~ said...

I agree with the Knit Picks choice, it's beautiful!! The Tuscany is looking great as well.

Yay for the blooming peach tree!!

LeaAnna said...

Now, I say go with the Knitty one because it uses bigger needles. LOL

I love peaches. Let us know when they're ripe & we'll be there. ;)

Steff said...

I think the Candle flame one goes well with the yarn you have. :D I love Branching Out, though- I will be doing that one for my sister one of these days- with the little baby alpaca ball she requested I do something with. :) Thanks for showing me that one.

Good luck with your projects- and your peaches- I hope they are all yummy and ripe on time! ;)